Wood Ducks

Part of being a responsible hunter and shooting enthusiast involves giving back to help preserve and promote the opportunity to hunt. Learn all about wood ducks and how you can help preserve their habitat by building a wood duck house.

Photo courtesy of Fred Greenslade and Delta Waterfowl.

Learn How To Build A Wood Duck House

Photo courtesy of Fred Greenslade and Delta Waterfowl.

Building a wood duck house is a fun and easy project to do with the entire family!

This house was designed by Wood Duck Society director Don `The Duckman' Helmeke. Don's design was published in the Minnesota Waterfowler, a publication for members of the Minnesota Waterfowl Association. There are many choices for wood duck nest boxes. The Wood Duck Society recommends boxes made of natural wood. Hens accept them well, and they resist heat build-up the best when measured against those constructed with man-made materials. Wood's natural insulation properties protect eggs during hot, late season incubations. Cedar lumber is recommended because of its ability to resist rot.

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Learn more about Wood Ducks!

- My bill is brightly patterned black,
  white and red
- I live in wooded swamps and
  freshwater marshes
- My head is iridescent green and purple
- Hens lay about 12 eggs each year
- My eggs are bone-white
- I nest in tree cavities or nest boxes

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