Bullet Breakdown

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a bullet—whether it's centerfire rifle, rimfire or handgun. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Types of Cartridges

Federal has two types of rifle ammunition:

• Centerfire: Has a separately made primer placed in the center of the head of the case. Centerfire cartridges are available in numerous calibers with different bullet weights, designs and velocities.

• Rimfire: Has a priming mixture placed around the inside of the case rim where the firing pin strikes. Rimfire calibers include the .22 LR, .17 HMR and the .22 WMR, and are used for target shooting and small game hunting. The primary difference between these two is the location of the priming mixture which ignites the powder-and how much powder propels the bullet.

There are two types of handgun cartridges:

• Semi-automatic ammunition: Either rimless or semi-rimmed to facilitate feeding through the magazine.

• Revolver ammunition: Generally rimmed, although some revolvers can use rimless or semi-rimmed centerfire cartridges.

Centerfire Rifle Bullet Details

• Trophy Bonded® Tip: Built on the heralded Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw® platform for excellent weight retention and penetration. Tipped for improved ballistic coefficient and better accuracy.

• Barnes® Tipped Triple-Shock® X Bullet®: Features Delrin tip for flatter trajectories and deeper penetration. Designed for hyper-velocities and to reduce pressure and barrel fouling. All-copper design means high weight retention with great accuracy.

• Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®: For over 20 years it's been the standard in stopping power on medium to large dangerous game. Its copper jacket and lead core are 100% bonded for reliable expansion and over 95% weight retention.

• Barnes® MRX™: The MRX™ gives hunters a bullet featuring advanced construction. It combines an all-copper bullet from its predecessor, the Triple-Shock® X Bullet®, with a tungsten-based Silvex® core and a poly-tip to provide devastating performance at both short and extended distances.

• Barnes® Triple-Shock® X Bullet®: Extremely accurate, the Triple-Shock® X Bullet® delivers superior expansion and deep penetration. The all-copper design provides high weight retention for outstanding Knockdown Power®. Cape-Shok, the ultimate ammunition line for the world's most difficult and dangerous game also offers the 100% non-toxic Triple-Shock® X Bullet®.

• Nosler® Accubond®: Nosler AccuBond combines the terminal performance of a bonded bullet with the accuracy and retained energy of a Ballistic Tip.

• Nosler® Partition®: This world-renowned bullet features a partitioned lead core and shank that allows the front half to mushroom while the rear core remains intact for deep penetration and stopping power.

• Sierra® GameKing®: Long-range hunters insist on Sierra GameKing. It's designed with a precisely tapered, boat-tail shape that reduces drag and delivers high downrange velocity, less wind drift, flat trajectory and unmatched accuracy in reaching distant game.

• Nosler® Ballistic Tip®: It's the proven choice for flat-shooting, wind-defying performance on everything from varmints to medium game. Colorcoded poly-tip for rapid expansion and easy identification.

• Woodleigh® Weldcore® Soft Point & Solid: Safari hunters the world over choose these bullets for their superb accuracy, consistent performance and tremendous impact. Special heavy jackets provide excellent weight retention, up to 85% for soft points and 100% for solids.

• Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid: This bonded-bronze, Jack Carter-designed bullet carries a well-deserved reputation for stopping power. The flat nose minimizes deflection for a straight, deep wound cavity in large dangerous game.

• Speer® TNT® Green™: Lead-free bullet designed for explosive performance. Great accuracy and total disruption make it an ideal varmint round.

Handgun Bullet Details

• Hydra-Shok®: Features a unique, patented center post design and notched jacket. Delivers reliable, controlled expansion for efficient energy transfer and stopping power. Designed for law enforcement, hunting, home defense and personal protection.

• Expanding Full Metal Jacket: This revolutionary barrier-penetrating design combines a scored full metal nose over an internal rubber tip that collapses on impact. It never fills with barrier material and assures expansion on every shot. A lead core at the base maintains weight retention.

• CastCore™: Features hard cast lead bullets that do not expand or break upon impact. Designed to break through heavy skeletal structure of medium to large game animals and also to maximize penetration.

• Lead Round Nose: Dates back to the early part of this century. Bullet is 100% lead with no jacket. Provides excellent accuracy and is very economical.

• Full Metal Jacket: Jacket extends from the nose to the base, preventing bullet expansion and barrel leading. Used primarily as military ammunition and for recreational shooting.

• Jacketed Hollow Point: Creates quick, positive expansion with proven accuracy. Specially designed jacket ensures smooth feeding in autoloading firearms.

• Jacketed Soft Point: Designed for deep penetration when hunting small to medium-sized game.

• Barnes® Expander®: Delivers superior expansion for maximum energy transfer and ideal performance. Non-toxic all-copper design provides 100% weight retention for great stopping power.

• Lead Semi-Wadcutter: The most popular all-around choice for target and personal defense. A versatile design which cuts clean holes in targets and efficiently transfers energy.

• Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point: A good combination for both small game and personal defense. Hollow point design promotes uniform expansion.

• RHT®: The Ballisticlean® RHT® bullet is designed to break up on hard targets for reduced backsplash.Eliminates airborne lead and reduces barrel fouling.

• TMJ™: The TMJ™ bullet jacket completely encases the lead core and eliminates exposure of the core to hot powder gas. It also produces less gun fouling and cleaner fired cartridge cases.


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