Shotgun Essentials

Whether you're interested in target shooting, competitive shooting or hunting, the shooting sports are filled with fun. Learn how to shoot safely and effectively.

Basic Safety

Stay safe at the range, in the field or at home by following these guidelines.

• Gun Handling 10 easy-to-follow rules to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

• Transportation Rules regarding the proper transportation of firearms differs greatly by jurisdiction. Always consult local laws when you hit the road.

• Eyes And Ears Whenever you shoot, it's critical to protect your eyesight and hearing. Fortunately, there's protective gear to fit any style, personal preference and shooting need. Visit to learn more.

• Range Etiquette For an inexperienced shooter, a busy range can be a confusing and intimidating place. It doesn't need to be. Learn how to have fun, fit in and stay safe at your local shooting range in this video.

Access Control With rights come responsibility. It's critical that firearm owners secure their firearms to prevent unauthorized people from accessing and using them by locking them in an approved safe. Champion shooter Julie Golob explains how all gun owners can become safer and more responsible through the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Project ChildSafe.