Federal Premium®

Our ammunition advancements help you to be a more effective hunter and shooter. Choose Federal Premium because you won't accept anything less than the best.

Your Ammunition Authority

We don't need to tell you that hunting and shooting are more than just hobbies. They're your passion—and ours, too. That's why we take our jobs so seriously at Federal Premium® Ammunition. We offer plenty of options that will provide you with the perfect match for your shooting, no matter what your particular pursuit may be.

Why Federal Premium®?

- Revolutionary bullets
- State-of-the-art loads
- Best in the industry brass, primers and wads
- Stringent quality control and outstanding accuracy and ballistics
- Award-winning ammunition available from personal defense to the largest, most dangerous game on the planet
- On-Box royalty programs give back to preserve and secure a future in the field
- New product advancements

Understanding Our Product Offerings

Every day, we strive to not only maintain our position as the ultimate ammunition manufacturer, but to constantly improve our offerings and advance the science of ammunition. In the process, we lead the industry, bringing to market products that forever change the shooting sports—ammunition that proves itself every day in the field, on the range and beyond.



Challenge your skills. Test your nerves. Our varmint line includes some of the most explosive, fragmenting bullets available for prairie dogs, coyotes and other vermin. Bullet styles include Nosler® Ballistic Tip®, Speer® TNT Green® and Jacketed Soft Point.



Designed for the world's largest and most dangerous game. When it's the difference between you or the elephant charging you--choose the toughest bullets on the planet. Bullet styles include Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®, Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid, Swift® A-Frame®, Woodleigh® Hydro Solid and Barnes® Triple-Shock® X Bullet®.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal®

Built for competition. It features Sierra® MatchKing® bullets and some of the most accurate ammunition performance available. Our Gold Medal® line gives shooters the best components made to exact tolerances for the best accuracy. World-class competitors, as well as military and law enforcement officials consider it to be the most accurate factory-made match round.

Vital-Shok for Handgun


Handgun hunting is as challenging as it gets. This product line offers top performing bullet options so you know success is in your hands. Bullet styles include Swift® A-Frame®, CastCore® and Barnes® Expander®.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal®

Built for everything from punching paper to intense competition—if you're a match shooter, this is your line.

Premium Personal Defense

Premium® Personal Defense®

Protect your home and family with the most effective and reliable ammunition on the market. Also available in low recoil. Bullet styles include HST®, Hydra-Shok® JHP, JHP and NyClad HP.

Premium Personal Defense 410 Handgun

Premium® Personal Defense® 410 Handgun

Designed for the Judge from Taurus, but also function great in firearms recently developed by other manufacturers. Our 410 handgun shotshells feature a unique wad system for the rifled barrel designed to stop threats immediately while minimizing the danger to loved ones in the house.



No strutting Tom is safe. The FLITECONTROL® wad and HEAVYWEIGHT® shot anchor this strong line-up of turkey loads. Also available in Lead. Find NWTF royalty loads that give back to this key conservation group.



Our Wing-Shok lineup gives upland hunters the broadest options of shot sizes, payloads and gauges. All of our Wing-Shok upland loads feature Premium® brand lead shot and the best components. Select boxes feature the Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever logo, indicating a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to these conservation organizations.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal®

Target loads for all your trap, skeet and sporting clays needs. No other shotshell comes close to the consistency of Gold Medal. Available in paper to plastic hulls.



Hardcore varmint hunters will be amazed at the patterns they get with this 3" 1-1/2 oz load.

Vital-Shok Slug

Vital-Shok® Slug

Our top quality shotshell hunting line features the most accurate loads available for both smoothbore and rifled-barrel hunters. Slug type includes Trophy® Copper and TruBall®.

Vital-Shok Buckshot

Vital-Shok® Buckshot

There's no questioning buckshot's performance at close range. Our patented spiral stacking process with plastic shot cup and buffering ensures dense patterns and a powerful blow. The Premium shot is copper-plated for uniform pellets and deep penetration.

Premium Personal Defense Buckshot

Premium® Personal Defense® Buckshot

Shotguns for home defense make perfect sense. There are several models of shotguns designed especially for protection. Our ammunition is too. We did extensive tests to find the best loads. They're available in a variety of gauges, shot sizes and payloads.



The most explosive bullets for varmint and small game hunting with a 17 HMR or .22 Win. Mag.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal®

Target shooting loads designed for intense .22 Long Rifle competition.


Trophy® Copper Muzzleloading Bullet

Get 200-yard accuracy with this new bullet design and the B.O.R. Lock MZ™ System that powers it.



If you require the best first run, unprimed brass in a variety of common cartridges, trust Federal Premium®.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal®

Reliable. Trusted. Proven. Gold Medal® primers are the best in the industry—providing optimum ignition for match shooters worldwide.